Thursday, 19 April 2012

Review - Kleenex eye make up removal wipes

Last year it was announced that Kleenex were launching a line of skincare wipes and to say I was quite excited about his is an understatment. Actually I don't now why I was quite so excited but as I had quite a hoard of products I waited until a few weeks ago to purchase something from the range and the item I bought was the eye make up removal wipes.

I like the packaging of these as it's quite girly and clean looking. You get 24 wipes in the pack and they don't contain parabens or SLS and they are made with natural fibres so they are kinder to the environment than the average face wipe.

Each wipe is quite large and is thicker than a normal face wipe so you can remove the most stubborn of mascara and each wipe is sufficient to use on both eyes.

I'm really impressed with these and repurchased almost immediately. Each pack costs £2.99 and are available from Superdrug and supermarkets.


Linzi Louisa said...

Ohh I really want to try these. I have just given you a Versatile Blogger Award by the way, so go have a look at my blog post for the rules and stuff :)
Linzi xx

E V E L Y N said...

That's really good that these are SLS/Paraben free, I don't know of many wipes that are! They seem to do the job perfectly too xx

Karla said...

@Linzi Louise - thanks hun I'll check it out x

@Evelyn - it is hard to find wipes that are sls/paraben free never mind ones that are & that affordable x

Skin Scrubs said...

I've been using my Kleenex Facial Cloths to blow my nose as they are pretty useless!

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